Super Big Bounce House made in Guangzhou Sibo inflatable this week, it will be shipped to Dubai. The size of it is 23.8×20.7×12.8m according to our client's idea, totally about 500 squar meter. so it is a super big bounce house. 

Let's see the drawing before details. very colorful bounce house, isn't it ? 

world largest bounce house.jpg

it looks like not so big from the drawing, but actually, it is super big one, and four parts combined together for it. it is a complicated connnection, we called it SANDWICH connection. Anyway, after drawing and cutting files and professional production, we then have the big bounce house ready as the following. 

Pic 1: we rent a square near our factory for this big bounce house quality inspection. 

super big bounce house

Pic 2: our sales girls are very helpful for the inspection as well the agent 

world biggest bounce house (6).jpg

Pics more : After inflation, we are all in the bounce house to check details. 

world biggest bounce house

the largest bounce house

professional big bounce house

bounce house for adults

professional boucy house factory

largest bouce house manufacturer

biggest bouncy house

large inflatable bouncer

biggest inflatable bouncy house

largest inflatable bouncy house

largest bounce house (7).jpg

super big bouncy house factory

so how to connect the four parts for this big bounce house?  and what is the SANDWICH connection? Pls contact us at for details and videos.