Sealed air inflatable race was finished in Guangzhou Sibo Inflatable last week. This inflatable ciruit was customized based on client's idea, size is

11x10x1.75m , tube dia: 50cm, arch height: 1.75m, width between race tube: 1.5m, bright color combination. See pics below :

Most of inflatable race track clients bought them for go karts, zorb ball and animal rides etc . 

Any interest, welcome to contact us for any details via

  1. Inflatable Race- drawing

    sealed air circuit 170828101.jpg

  2. Inflatable circuit -inspection photos

    One pump to fill the below sealed air race track is enough, one filling can be used for over 1 week, much more safer for kids to play, no any noise.

    inflatable race track 170828101.jpg