With years experience in inflatable industry , we have sold various kinds of constant and sealed air inflatable to different clients. According to clients' feedback, 1.5 times big PVC material package bag and our current PVC material are much easier to pack the bouncer, combos, slide, tent, water park etc. 

OEM and ODM for package bag are available.

And here we share the details about how to pack the constant air inflatable. Hope it is useful for you.

First step: turn off the air blower for filling , open the deflation tube of constant air inflatable, level the inflatable sports game 

Second step: fold the constant air inflatable, the workers step on the bouncers to deflate it without shoes

Third step: roll it from one side to the other side 

Fourth step: use PVC vinyl package bag to pack it . See below pic shown 

constant air inflatable package

Do you want to see the package video or more detailed photos? If yes, please contact amy@siboinflatable.com